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Power Up Your Game

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Power Performance

The Power Up Wedge trains you to be an ATHLETE by providing a direct link to your lower half. Fasten it on and instantaneously feel: Balance, Stability, Direction, Leverage, Torque and Power. Build: Muscle Memory, Strength, Bat Speed, Velocity, Consistency and Success! 

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Developed by a Major League Baseball Recruiter

PowerUp Wedge creator, Steve Gosset, found that athletes were having trouble connecting with their lower half, leading to poor performance on the field. “Every skill and move in athletics begins in the feet with a strong, balanced, stable base.”  After years of research, development and testing, Steve released the Power Up Wedge, a revolutionary, portable training device for athletes and coaches. The impact is instantaneous. Players “feel” the difference and build muscle memory, adding power to their game.

Limitless Applications

Perfect for all ages and experience levels. Improve your game by getting in a Bio-mechanically Advanced and “EXPLOSIVE” Position!
Hitting • Pitching • Throwing • Fielding • Swinging

Rugged Design

Made out of a custom formulated rubber compound
Designed to handle heavy use and weathering
Performs well on multiple surfaces

Precision Angle

Power Quick Strap

Performance Grip

Bio-mechanically Advanced

“ EXPLOSIVE” Positioning

Form a strong balanced, stable base

Build Muscle Memory

Elevate Your Coaching

A strong balanced, stable base is one of the toughest things to coach.

The Power Up Wedge engages and trains your player or team with instant feel from the ground up.